The future will be a digital era. HANGLORY USA INC. is committed to use the digital printing technology to accelerate the digitalization process of packaging.

It is a way to enhance the overall production efficiency of the industry, while reducing production costs.

We strive to take responsibility and make contribution to safety and environmental protection, by printing on demand and food-compliant water-based ink application, so that green packaging can enter tens of thousands of households, into the major stores and children's room.

We also believe that packaging should be given higher value, whether it is craft, white craft or coated boards; all could have a vivid expression. Packaging is not only a container and box, but also an advertisement carrier, information carrier, or even an important port in the era of Internet of things.

We look forward to partnering with any aspiring company to create a new future together.


Create value for customers; be a world-leading manufacturer of smart digital printing equipment.